Offshore development Team

In today's world national boundaries are dissolved in the software industry creating a global landscape to hire and retain the talent wherever found on the globe. We, at Mavin can set up a dedicated development team for you. We offer this "dedicated programmers model" to such clients who are looking to use the resources full time as an extension of their development team. The team can be as small as 3 people (one programmer analyst and two programmers) to 20 people with the skill set required by you. We make sure that the each team member has the experience and knowledge of the development and quality standard (which you follow). This ensures the quality of development remains very high. Our model allows the customers to obtain full control over development processes, resources and results with the minimum investment. The contract duration is wholly dependent on client’s choice but we advise to hire a dedicated team for a minimum of three months. Some of the silent features of this model can be seen as.

Software outsourcing is a process of engaging third party professionals for software development services. Often the complete process is managed and supervised by the company which outsources its development requirements. As a set rule third party software professionals are hired on contract to develop your application as per your exact requirements.

Outsourcing of software development projects allows the customers to focus on their core competencies like sales, brand building, strategy, future plans etc. Keeping in pace with changing market trends involves great risk. Offshore software development allows one to be focused on just the core competencies, thereby increasing productivity and bringing in products and services more quickly than otherwise. This means you get to market faster while maintaining your technological advantage and you are all set to scale new heights. One of the strongest factors that attract most of the companies worldwide to the software outsourcing company in India is the significant savings attached to an offshore software outsourcing project. Most of the time, companies report 50% to 60% net savings with the help of offshore outsourcing. Nowadays more and more western companies are adapting offshore outsourcing as a business strategy rather than a need. Some of the key benefits of outsourcing your software projects to Mavin are as follows.